The Austin Healey, Iconic British Electric Sport Cars

3 March 2023 05:18

A growing trend in the classic car world is to convert unreliable old petrol engines to fully-electric ones. At the London classic car show, many of the most iconic classic cars of the last 75 years are on show with electric conversions.

Throughout the 50s and 60s, The Austin Healey was one of the most iconic British sports cars of the era. But at the show, The Austin Healey is now electric.

An electric-converted Austin Healey costs between EUR125-150,000 this is the latest work of revival autos which specializes in fitting electric motors into these classic British sports cars

Today with its silent emission-free electric engine perhaps it's finally the ultimate city car it promised to be. The London classic car show runs from 24-26 February 2023 at London's Olympia Exhibition Centre.