Green Industrial Complex Project in Kalimantan Estimates to Have USD132 Billion Investment

2 March 2023 02:47

President Joko Widodo continues to oversee the progress of the green industry special zone's development at Kalimantan Industrial Park Indonesia. The industrial zone located in Bulungan, North Kalimantan is set to be the biggest green industrialized area in the world measuring 13 thousand hectares in size. 

During his official visit to oversee the progress of Kalimantan Industrial Park Indonesia, President Widodo emphasized that if this green industrial area is realized to its full potential all industries that are or want to be tied to green products will come to conduct their businesses here.

Among them is the EV industry for batteries and aluminum. Moreover, this industrial complex will use environmentally-friendly energy sources such as hydro-power from the Kayan and Mentarang Rivers with a capacity of 13 thousand megawatts.

Based on the data from Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment, Indonesia is predicted to reap in investments up to USD132 billion from this mega-green project.

The green industrial complex is predicted to provide 160 thousand of jobs as well. President Widodo promised that the government will continue to keep an eye on the development progress of this area to ensure it will be realized to its full potential.