Indonesia's First Day School: Students Ride Rubber Boats to Reach School as Bridge Damage Due to Floods

19 July 2022 00:30

A new school-year started today accross Indonesia. Some students went to schools accompanied by their parents, and some others must struggle to overcome bad weather or to find alternative transportation to reach their education places.

In a number of areas in Garut, Regency West Java, students must travel by rubber boats to reach their schools following the damage of Tegal Kelapa Bridge that connects two disctricts there. The 60 meter long bridge collapsed a while ago because of floods that hit the area.

In Kuningan, regency West Java, parents and students of state-elementary school 1 Cilaja arrived after dawn at the school compound to find classrooms were still closed. They arrived early before school hours started to get seats in the classrooms for their beloved children. School hours in Indonesia start at 7 am.

From Gresik East Java teachers at an elementary school seen wearing superheros costumes to welcome their students in the first school day today. Students look happy when met their teachers whom wearing costume of various superhero characters such as spiderman, joker, batman, cat women and thor.