Indonesia-China Bilateral Relations

28 July 2022 00:26

On Tuesday, Indonesian President Joko Widodo formally invited Xi Jinping to the group of 20 summit in Bali in November this year, although it remained unclear whether the Chinese leader would attend in person/.
The invitation came during a meeting between the two counrty leaders in Beijing, during which they discussed issues ranging from trade to cooperation in maritime sector.
China's state broadcaster CCTV said, President Xi expressed his thanks, and wished complete success for the summit.
They also agreed to speed-up the formulation of a new "five-year action plan", for relations that would "better improve the well being of the two peoples, and demonstrate greater responsibility for maintaining regional peace. During his visit Widodo also met with Chinese premier Li Keqiang.
Beijing was President Widodo first leg during his short official trip to three East Asian Nations. after China, President Widodo and entourage visit Japan.