South Korea Carries Out Solid Fuel Rocket Test

3 January 2023 03:24

South Korea's Ministry of Defense released a video on Monday of its latest solid fuel rocket test, confirming it had test-fired a solid fuel rocket on Friday, after its unannounced launch sparked a brief public scare over alleged UFO sightings or launches. North Korean Missile.

In a statement, the defense ministry said the rocket launch was part of its efforts to build a space-based surveillance capability, and strengthen its defense posture.

The ministry said it did not notify the general public about the launch in advance, as it involved a sensitive military security issue.

Steam tendrils meandering in a white-to-red ombre were seen meandering against the bright white lights over parts of the South Korean sky on Friday night.

According to local media, the state emergency office and police received hundreds of reports of citizens witnessing suspicious flying objects and mysterious lights across the country.