President Jokowi Monitors Food Prices at Bandung's Baleendah Market

7 March 2023 07:22

President Joko Widodo alongside the first lady, Iriana Joko Widodo visited Baleendah traditional market in Bandung city to greet local residents and assessed prices of primary food commodities in the area.

The president ensured that there is a sufficient supply of food commodities while waiting for the next harvest season.
President Jokowi reaffirmed, that right now, a number of food commodities are still experiencing a price hike, such as prices of chili peppers, reaching 70 to 80 thousand rupiahs per kilogram. Besides that price of rice is also still increasing in the country.
With this in mind, the president is asking the Indonesian bureau of logistics, to do market operations besides checking on the prices of commodities,  the president and the first lady also distributed t-shirts and bags of 'sembako' or the 'nine essentials' usually filled with 9 basic necessities, such as rice and cooking oil, to citizens as a form of social aid.