110 Rohingya Found In Aceh's Waters

N/A • 16 November 2022 05:47

More than 100 Rohingya who had been traveling in a boat for more than a month were found along the coast of Indonesia's Aceh province on Tuesday (15/11/2022). The refugees are the latest group believed to be making hazardous sea voyages from Myanmar.

Local fishermen saw the 110 Rohingya early in the morning at a beach in the village of Meunasah Baro. The group included 65 men, 27 women, and 18 children according to a local police official.

They were reported to be weak and hungry and were moved to a community hall in the village for health checks until authorities decide where to accommodate them. According to Muhammad Amin one of the refugees, before they were stranded in Aceh waters they were aiming for Malaysia as their final destination.

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(Devi Amelia)