Torrential Rain, Flash Floods in Sudan Kill 66 People and Destroy 24.000 Homes

19 August 2022 00:26

At least 66 people were reportedly killed as flash floods triggered by heavy rains continued to tear up homes across Sudan this week. Earlier this week, authorities had said that at least 50 people were killed since the rains started in June.

Spokesman for Sudan's national council for civil defense brigadier general Abdul Jalil Abdul Rahim on Tuesday (16/8/2022) that at least 28 people were reported injured during the same period. At least 24.000 homes and two dozen Government buildings have been badly damaged or completely destroyed due to the floods.

According to the Government Run Humanitarian Aid Commission, around 136.000 people have been impacted by heavy rainfall and floods in 12 of sudan's 18 Provinces. Meanwhile in Western China, at least 16 people died and 18 others were missing after a sudden rainstorm triggered a landslide that diverted a river and caused flash flooding in populated areas.  Rescuers who earlier reported 36 people missing had found 18 of them by early afternoon. 

So far the Wednesday night disaster affected more than 6,000 people in six villages in Qinghai Province. China is facing both heavy rains and flooding in some parts of the country this summer and extreme heat and drought in other regions. State media CCTV has described the heat and drought as the worst since record keeping started 60 years ago.