Ukrainian Soldiers Prepare in Front Line to Face Russia's Counteroffensive

N/A • 25 February 2023 00:33

Today the world witness one year of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. And on the front lines, Ukrainian forces still prepare readiness to face Russia's military aggression which is possible to be done on a larger scale.

Ukrainian soldiers of the third tank iron brigade participated in training drills from positions close to the frontline in Northeast Ukraine in anticipation of a possible Russian counter-offensive.

Experts have said, Russians Soldiers are concentrating units further south along the Kreminna-Lyman line in a bid to secure the borders of Luhansk and Donetsk provinces. In line with Russian President Vladimir Putin's stated goal of the special operation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Army Officials said a counter-offensive further north is also possible with Russian troops launching daily attacks in the Kupiansk direction in Kharkiv Province.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s President has pledged to push for victory in 2023 as he and other Ukrainians marked the somber first anniversary of the Russian invasion that Zelenskyy called 'the longest day of Ukrainians' live'.

As morning broke on a day of commemorations and reflection, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy struck a tone of grim defiance and used the anniversary to congratulate Ukrainians on their resilience in the face of Europe’s biggest and deadliest war since world war II.

Ukrainians planned memorials, candle vigils, and other remembrances for their tens of thousands of dead.

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(Hajid Arrafi)