Environment-Tourism Development in IKN

24 February 2023 23:04

The Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry continues their efforts to explore the tourism potential in The Nusantara Capital Region. As one of the efforts to develop the economy with the concept of the existing environment in the community.

One potential tourism area with an environmental concept is the Tapak Raja Cave located in Wono Sari Village in East Kalimantan which is still part of nusantara.

The unique selling point of Tapak Raja Cave is that it contains 2 entrances right next to one another and a pathway covered in various plants and flowers.

The cave itself has a clear river stream and lots of trees surrounding it giving it an exotic look.

Besides that, stalaktit is also found in this cave. Its a sharp-ended stone hanging from the ceiling of the cave. 

During his visit, The Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbayah Bakar said that her ministry is currently developing economic potential within an environmental aspect.