Covid Lockdowns Triggered Protests in China

N/A • 26 November 2022 03:11

Soaring Coronavirus cases in China and the ruling communist party's "zero-covid" policy is forcing lockdowns across the country and creating unrest. Protests have flared as the number and severity of Covid-19 outbreaks have risen across China. It's prompting authorities in areas including Beijing, The Capital to close neighborhoods and impose other restrictions, that residents say go beyond what the national government allows.

In Zhengzhou, employees at the world's biggest Apple Iphone Factory were beaten and detained in protests over pay amid anti-virus controls. According to witnesses and videos on social media Wednesday, tensions mounted over Chinese efforts to combat the renewed rise in infections.

The factory operator, Foxconn technology group said earlier it was using "closed-loop management" which refers to employees living at their workplace with no outside contact.

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(M. Khadafi)