'Shaman' Kills Clients di Indonesia: 2 More Bodies Identified

N/A • 5 April 2023 22:48

Two of a dozen of victims of Indonesia's 'money-multiply shaman' serial killing from Banjarnegara, Central Java, were identified on Wednesday, based on information from the suspect, according to Indonesian police.

The victims' remains were found on Tuesday, and according to shaman Mbah Slamet, the killer suspect, they were a couple from Lampung.

Police have been checking ante mortem data from the two bodies to ensure the matching of the data with the bodies, before handing over the remains to their relatives.

From 12 bodies, discovered from Mbah Slamet's backyard garden, three victims have been identified so far.

Mbah Slamet said he put poison to his victims' drinks and ensure they had died before burying their bodies at his backyard. 

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(Sofia Zakiah)